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Property Managers: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes with Water Damage Restoration

Posted June 14th, 2023

Water damage can be a property manager’s worst nightmare. Its destructive nature threatens not only the structural integrity of buildings but also the bottom line of property owners. In this blog, we will uncover two prevalent mistakes often made by property managers when faced with water damage and unveil a comprehensive solution: the implementation of an emergency response plan.

Mistake #1: Delaying the Water Damage Restoration Process

Delaying the restoration process can have severe consequences in the form of secondary damage. Let’s delve into the reasons property managers often fall into this trap:

1. Cost concerns: Property managers will spend an extra amount of time obtaining multiple quotes from various contractors because of concerns about expenses. However, prolonging water damage mitigation could result in higher restoration costs due to the requirement of additional services, such as mould remediation.

2. Busy schedule: Property managers already juggle numerous responsibilities, especially if they have multiple properties in their portfolio. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to immediately address a water damage incident when it occurs.

3. Knowledge gap: Property managers may not have the knowledge or experience to deal with a water damage restoration. As they try to figure out the best course of action, valuable time passes by.

Mistake #2: Using Janitorial Staff for Water Damage Cleanup

At an attempt to lower costs, property managers will use janitorial staff for water removal and cleanup. Let’s explore why this choice can be risky:

1. Inadequate water extraction: Janitorial staff may lack the necessary tools and equipment to effectively remove the water and dry all the affected areas. This can result in lingering moisture, leading to mould growth, health hazards, and compromised structural integrity.

2. Limited Availability: The janitorial staff may not be readily available during emergencies, particularly after hours, weekends, or holidays. Any delay in response can exacerbate the damage and increase restoration costs.

3. Liability issues: Using janitorial staff can expose property owners to liability risks. In the absence of liability insurance, any damages or injuries during the cleanup process could lead to potential litigation.

The Power of Preparedness: How an Emergency Response Plan Safeguards Property Managers and Effectively Mitigates Water Damage

To address these challenges effectively, having a well-crafted emergency response plan becomes paramount. Let’s explore the transformative benefits of pre-loss planning as it relates to property managers and water damage restoration:

Expedited Service with Certified Professionals

In the face of water damage, time is of the essence. An emergency response plan ensures property managers have established relationships with certified water damage restoration professionals. This strategic partnership enables expedited service, eliminating the time-consuming process of searching for a reliable contractor during a crisis. With a prearranged agreement in place, property managers can rapidly initiate the restoration process, mitigating further damage and reducing repair costs.

Minimize Tenant Displacement and Associated Costs

Water damage incidents can be highly disruptive, leading to the displacement of tenants and expenses associated with finding alternative accommodations. An emergency response plan minimizes these costs by actively working to reduce the displacement period. By swiftly initiating the restoration process and implementing effective mitigation strategies, property managers can shorten the time required for tenants to vacate the property, thereby lowering relocation expenses.

Restoration Contractors Familiar with the Property

Restoration efforts are most effective when undertaken by professionals familiar with the unique characteristics of a property. An emergency response plan emphasizes collaboration with restoration contractors who have complete knowledge of the building’s layout, vulnerabilities, and specific considerations. Contractors well-versed in the property can swiftly navigate challenges, deploy targeted solutions, and hasten the restoration timeline.

 Streamlined Insurance Claim Process

Dealing with insurance claims can be an intricate process, consuming valuable time and energy. Herein lies another advantage of an emergency response plan. By integrating insurance claim management provisions, property managers can streamline the procedure and alleviate the associated burdens. Restoration professionals experienced in collaborating with insurance companies can assist in documenting the damage accurately, providing comprehensive cost estimates, and ensuring a smoother claims process. This synergy ensures that property managers can focus on restoring their properties while minimizing administrative complexities.

Implement an Emergency Response Plan with Industry-Leading Professionals

In the realm of property management, preparedness is key. An emergency response plan tailored to water damage restoration serves as a powerful tool for property managers, empowering them to protect their assets, tenants, and financial interests. Navigating the complexities of water damage restoration and emergency planning can be challenging without expert assistance.

This is where EMRG Canada can be a reliable ally. The property damage restoration contractors in the EMRG national network are vetted and approved based on their certifications, reputation, and experience. EMRG members specialize in conducting customized emergency response plans for property managers, ensuring a seamless and effective restoration process.

Don’t let water damage overwhelm you. Incorporate EMRG into your emergency response plan and experience the peace of mind that comes with working alongside industry-leading restoration contractors. Together, we can ensure swift water damage restoration, protect your property, and restore normalcy in the most efficient manner possible. Click the link below to book a free consultation for an emergency response plan with EMRG Canada.