Insights on the Property Damage Restoration Industry

How EMRG Canada Overcomes a Labour Shortage in the Restoration Industry

Posted July 2nd, 2023


For property restoration contractors in Canada, the struggle to meet the demand for services amidst a shortage of skilled labour is a recurring challenge. However, independent contractors across the country have discovered a viable solution to address this obstacle – becoming part of a national network of peers. In this blog, we will explore how EMRG Canada has overcome labour shortages through the power of collaboration. By working together, local members have transformed the industry landscape, ensuring collective success and efficient resource utilization.

The Evolving Labour Landscape

In recent years, the restoration industry has experienced an imbalance between the demand for services and the available skilled labour pool. Economic, social, and demographic shifts have all contributed to a shortage in human capital, putting increased pressure on independent contractors to keep up with market demands while struggling to find qualified workers. This situation calls for a proactive approach to navigate the labour landscape and secure the necessary resources to stay competitive. In these challenging times, EMRG Canada has helped to reshape the industry by providing a comprehensive and reliable solution to the labour crisis.

Partners in Success: Building a Stronger Labour Network Together

EMRG operates on the principle of partnership, bringing together local full-service restoration contractors throughout Canada. Unlike traditional competitive models, EMRG Members view each other as partners rather than rivals. This collaborative mindset paves the way for shared resources, creating a unified front against the labour shortage. By sharing labour resources amongst one another, local members across the EMRG national network gain access to a wider pool of skilled workers. This allows them to efficiently allocate labour based on project needs, ensuring that work demands are met without compromising quality or timelines. This collaborative model also enables EMRG Members to handle projects of various sizes and complexities with ease, providing a competitive edge in the industry.

Unity as the Driving Force

EMRG’s collaborative ethos extends beyond labour sharing. Members foster a culture of knowledge exchange, where industry insights, best practices, and business advice are freely shared. This unified approach elevates the collective expertise and capabilities of each contractor, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved. Furthermore, EMRG Members participate in an organizational equipment-sharing program, where the tools of success are passed between trusted partners, ensuring efficient and cost-effective services. With EMRG Canada, independent restoration contractors can tap into a supportive network that empowers them to overcome challenges and thrive in the long run.


The restoration industry has witnessed a paradigm shift, necessitating a fresh perspective on resources. With demand consistently surpassing the labour supply, contractors find themselves in an increasingly competitive environment to adequately fulfil their labour needs. However, through the collaborative efforts of EMRG Canada, a transformative solution has emerged. By embracing the power of unity and resource-sharing, local members have found a solution to individual labour challenges.  Collectively, EMRG Members are setting a new standard for success through partnership, offering a brighter future for property restoration in Canada.